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The ❤️ is Lost Between Homeowners and Contractors. We Are Bringing it Back!

FIXDITs Promise to You

The Best Customers

FIXDIT is a service for those homeowners who can and want to focus on the right solutions and quality of work for every project instead of just price.

The Best Contractors

FIXDIT provides the best vetted contractors direct access to the very best customers, so they can focus on what they do best: Their craft. And it is FREE!

The Best Projects

FIXDITs mission is to eradicate nightmare home improvement projects. We do that by making sure we connect the right projects withj the best contractors.

Most homeowners have either experienced or witnessed friends experience almost nightmare-like home improvement projects.

There can be many reasons for this. But the result is always a degrading level of trust between homeowner and contractor(s) to such an extend that many homeowners try to put off the next project for as long as they possibly can. They would rather avoid it and suffer the consequences than getting themselves into another potential mess.

FIXDIT makes it easy to get started with a home improvement project – and to finish it to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. Our network of trusted, vetted contractors ensure that you as a homeowner can get a project going without having to fear the outcome. Quite on the contrary; we ensure you can have peace-of-mind.

We call it bringing back the ❤️ between homeowners and contractors.
FIXDIT is a service for you, who appreciate having the best home as a base for your life as possible. FIXDIT is for you who focus on the outcome and don’t really want to get caught up in a tiresome, frustrating process.

FIXDIT is a service for you, who want to have the right solution in the right quality, every time, and who knows that there is a cost associated with getting that.

In the same way FIXDIT is a service for those contractors who have a great sense of professional pride, are able to back it up by flawless work and stunning craftsmanship and are not afraid to walk the extra mile to secure a very happy customer.
FIXDIT is always looking for the best contractors with great professional pride and the resume to back it up. In return we guarantee a stable flow of the best customers without any upfront cost to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about, how you can become a partner with FIXDIT, you can read more about it and request to be contacted here.
FIXDIT is a subscription based service. For a small monthly fee resembling the price of a good cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, we make sure that you always have direct, simple access to the best vetted, local contractors for your every need, big or small. That gives you peace-of-mind as a homeowner.

For you as a contractor being partner with FIXDIT comes at no upfront cost. We guarantee a stable flow of the best customers, and you only pay a small invoicing fee (1,25% of the invoiced amount) for every job or project done through the service.
FIXDIT is created by a team of four experienced entrepreneurs from Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re backed by a strong advisory board of people with an average of +20 years of industry experience, and our friends at inQvation provides us with all the shared services offerings we need, so we don’t have to get those on the team as well.

You can read more about inQvation here.

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