Want A Great, Stable Business?

The Best Customers

Want to be able to focus on what is most important to you?

Happy Customers Who ❤️ Your Work

The Best Customers

FIXDIT collects the most financially attractive customers in your neighborhood and offer them to you – for FREE!

Focus On Your Craft

By only focusing on the customers that value quality and know that it comes at a cost, you get to focus on what you love; your craft.

Tryghed og overblik

As a partner to FIXDIT we guarantee you a stable flow of projects and jobs no matter the macroeconomic environment.

How Does FIXDIT Work?

Request to be contacted by using the form below. We will contact you and begin a dialogue about your opportunities for becoming a vetted, trusted FIXDIT partner.
The FIXDIT team use our proprietary vetting method developed bu industry experts to assess your company and whether you fit the criteria for becoming a vetted partner. Only the best of the best will be let in.
You and your business become a partner in the FIXDIT network for the area within which you operate. You begin receiving the first jobs and projects – at no cost to you. We only charge you a creditcard size fee of the project contract, once the work is done.
Your company is a FIXDIT partner with a stable flow of jobs from the most attractive customers, as long as they keep the positive reviews of the work you do and how you operate coming, or you choose to terminate the partnership yourself.
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